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The acidic solution will continue to soak your teeth enamel which increases the likelihood that the damage is permanent.

In order to put it in perspective, here is the acidity of many popular drinks, as well as their sugar contents, as when compared with batteries acid.

Acidity of Battery: 6, 0 TSP sugar
Pepsi Acidity: 4.5, 9.8 Tsp Sugar
Dr. Pepper: Acidity 4, 9.5 tsp sugar
Diet Cocake Acidity: 3.6, 0.25 tsp sugar
Sprite: Acidity – 3.6 9 tsp sugar
Gatorade: Acidity-4, 3.3 1 tsp Sugar

While none of them is as acidic or as strong as the battery acid, Pepsi is only pH 1.5 and doesn’t have the nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar, which could cause additional acids in the mouth.

Drinking a lot of soft drinks could cause loss of enamel that may leave the dentine below exposed. This sensitive layer is highly susceptible to decay as well as tooth pain.

You don’t have to follow the HCG diet, or cut out soft drinks from your lifestyle. There are some restrictions. It is important to avoid drinking excessively as they won’t let your mouth to alter its pH. The faster you can drink and the more efficient you’ll be. Using a straw can also help lower the amount of drinking you consume.

Secondly, you shouldn’t brush your teeth after you drink, although this might sound like a good concept. Because acid can create tension that can lead to tooth wear and tear. Wait at least an half an hour for your mouth get back to its normal balance before getting your toothbrush.

Regular checkups and cleanings of your teeth are essential so your dentist can catch any dental issues prior to them becoming even more severe. A cleaning could also be able to eliminate any dental p. txiehfmehh.

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