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Consult with an attorney to find out the most accurate details regarding your loved one’s legal situation.

Tell me your best method to determine who will bail someone out of prison.

Courts have information regarding bonds. For more information on bonds, get in touch with the court clerk. They will inform you if the bond is an individual bond or a bail bondman. Your attorney for your friend or relative can advise you how to locate out what bail was paid and who is responsible for the release of someone from jail.

What happens to a person who is released on bail but is taken into custody?

In most states, bail will be revoked in most jurisdictions, and a hearing is scheduled to be scheduled in which the judge sets a new bail amount usually subject to limitations. The bail amount for the second offense will be set in the same way, however it is treated separately. If the judge chooses to release your loved one on bail, they will have to meet two bonding obligations that are distinct. To learn more, talk to your loved one’s lawyer. eeht7lvsap.

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