Search Engine Optimization Is Essential in Online Marketing

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The Search Engine Journal reports that 93% of all web activity begins with a search engine such as Google. Google specifically dominates as much as 70% of the search engine industry through the world. With this in mind, if you run your own business it may be helpful to improve your online marketing and invest in local SEO services (search engine optimization) that can assist you in creating better content, boosting your ability to be seen by prospective customers, and getting a better SEO ranking.

But why is search engine optimization so important in realizing these goals? Affordable SEO services for small businesses can focus on natural search results that are not sponsored ads that function as advertisements for companies. In fact, The Search Engine Journal found that nearly 80% of people who utilize search engines regularly choose organic search results.

One way to help reinforce quality Internet marketing SEO is to blog on a regular basis
. More than 80% of companies that maintain blogs think of this outlet as an important component of their business activities, as reported by The Search engine Journal. Frequent blogging means having more indexed pages that can contribute to a solid SEO ranking.

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