Fashion Forward Camo Hair Accessories Are All the Rage!

Pink camouflage scrubs

The design of army camo clothing is based upon patterns created by Grant Wood and Jacques Villon in 1942. These two artists were commissioned to design camouflage uniforms for the United States armed forces. The first instance of military camouflage, however, arrived on the scene during WW I when a British unit donned military camouflage clothing. Over time, every branch of the United States armed forces has adopted camo clothing in some manner.

Camouflage works well in a military capacity because it disrupts and confuses the brain. Confusing the enemy in this way can create a tactical advantage. As well, camouflage allows those wearing it to fade into the background due to both its color and patterning, making it difficult to be seen by the enemy. Camouflage is so important to the American armed forces that a short time ago, in order to cover the costs of providing 70,000 camouflage uniforms for American troops in Afghanistan, Congress passed a $106 billion emergency war bill.

Camouflage is no longer simply associated with the military, however. Over time, camouflage attire has transcended its original militaristic orientation. Currently, camo clothing has become a civilian fashion statement. There are a couple of different camouflage patterns, the most popular of which in the United States is the Woodland pattern. Other types of camouflage patterns include color changing, countershading, and disruptive coloration. Each of these versions has been utilized in a number of fashion forward clothing items. One such item is pink camouflage ribbon, which is typically used as an accessory to tie up long hair.

Pink camouflage ribbon comes in a number of different shades, sizes, and styles. There are dark pink camouflage ribbons and light pink camouflage ribbons, and every hue in between. There are pink camouflage ribbons made of satin and pink camouflage ribbon that is fashioned from velvet and lace. As winter approaches, camouflage ribbon could make an excellent Christmas stocking stuffer, or a token gift for Hanukah. Pink camouflage ribbon can also be used to ornament gift wrapping for those loved ones who have served overseas. You can even give your wife or girlfriend a pink camouflage ribbon as a way of saying, “I love you.” Pink camouflage ribbons are a must have hair accessory at the moment, and the women in your life, whether or not they have served in the military, will be excited to receive one from you this season. References.

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