Three Things You Should Know About Finding a Home in Chesapeake

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Did you know that the longest bridge tunnel complex in the world is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel? Chesapeake, located in Southeast Virginia, is a prosperous city with a diverse landscape, ranging from urban to forest. It is a popular city for relocation because of its economy and location near other big cities such as Suffolk and Virginia Beach. In 2011, Bloomberg Businessweek named it the 21st best city in America. If you are looking for homes for sale Chesapeake VA, then here are three things you should know.

1. Find a Great Realtor

When you are looking for a home, you want to find a realtor who is licensed, experienced, and who has a lot of local knowledge. These realtors will save you time by matching you up with the Chesapeake homes for sale that meet your requirements, and they will be able to give you an idea of the future value of your home. They are also better during negotiation at getting you the best price on new homes Chesapeake.

2. Price Range to Aim For

A house is an investment. According to the Wall Street Journal, you should plan on spending no more than 28% of your average monthly income on your townhomes in chesapeake va mortgage. Remember that closing costs and legal fees that occur at the end of the sale are 2 to 3% of the house price. Many people are tempted to spend more than they should because they assume they can make some cuts. This is a risky game to play, however, since having less to fall back on means you will struggle more if you ever have to deal with time off work for illness, or getting laid off.

3. Get a Home Inspection

If you find a home you really like, make sure to get it inspected before buying it. Do not buy a home without an inspection unless the completion of the sale is contingent on the outcome of the inspection. The reason for this is that many homeowners might choose not to tell you about, or not even be aware of, damage or issues with the property. Basically all homes have some defects, and you want to know whether the issue is a little mold in the basement or bad, hidden structural damage left by water damage. A $200 inspection of homes for sale Chesapeake VA can ultimately save you thousands.

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