The Best Dress for Every Body

Floral print dress

Since they debuted in the early 1970s with Diane von Furstenburg’s famous knitted jersey version, wrap dresses have been a staple in the fashion world. Offering class and taste as well as comfort, wrap dresses often appear at the office, at happy hour, and even at the grocery store. In this article, we’ll define a few of the bonuses offered by wrap dresses and suggest a few ways to style them.

Fashionable Figure Flatterers

The wrap dress is one of those staple wardrobe pieces that literally flatters any body type. They trim the waist by accenting it at its smallest point, enhance the bust by pulling breasts in and up, and reduce the hips.

Picking the Right Wrap Dress for You

Wrap dresses come in a wide variety of patterns and lengths with some suiting certain body types better than others. Next time you’re perusing a rack at your favorite boutique, keep the three elements of a great wrap dress in mind: length, fit, and print.


The most flattering dresses fall to the knee or above. By showcasing the legs, a shorter wrap dress makes the wearer appear slimmer and chicer. Though maxi lengths have become popular especially in the last year, they aren’t well suited for wrap dresses and can make you look frumpy. If you do opt for a longer wrap dress and have shorter legs, it’s important to make sure that the dress doesn’t hit the thickest part of your calves as it can make you look stumpy.


There are a few things to consider here, though the major one is the hemline. It is well known that fit is the number one key to looking great in any outfit, and wrap dresses are no exception.

Generally speaking, there are three options for hemlines in wrap dresses: flare, tapered, and straight.

  • A flared hem floats gently away from the body and is universally flattering as it draws the eye out and away from curves. It can mask lower body curves on women with pear shapes and can create the illusion of curves on women with straight hips.
  • Tapered hems draw in and can add a little extra curve for women who need a little boost to the hip and thigh region.
  • Straight hems should be avoided for women with very full or very slim figures as they don’t do much to either mask or emphasize curves.


Choosing the right print is critical, as the wrong one can make you look frumpy. Floral print dresses are popular right now and can be worn by any body type as long as attention is paid to scale. The general rule of thumb is to wear prints that are proportional to your size. Bigger prints look best on plus size women while smaller prints help petite women to avoid being overpowered. For petite plus sizes, it’s a good idea to go with a medium scale print with a vertical shape to make the body appear longer.

Wrap dresses can be worn with everything from pearls to wooden beads and from stilettos to gladiator sandals. Because they flatter every body type and provide a lot of versatility, they’ve become a staple in the modern wardrobe. Invest in a black or neutral one and enjoy the possibilities!

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