See Where Your Website Ranks With Backlink Tracking

Backlinks are links received by one web page from another web page. Backlinks are also known as inbound links, or incoming links.

Backlink tracking and backlink reporting are used in search engine optimization, or SEO, practices. Backlink tracking helps search engine optimization professionals determine the ranking, importance, and popularity, of a website within a search engine.

For the success of a website SEO benchmarking is important. An SEO benchmark is a goal you want to attain for your website. This could be one percent more visits, 100 more visits, or 10 percent more visits.

A benchmark SEO grader or webgrader will help compare how you rank against other websites in your industry. Backlink tracking is one aspect that is considered by a benchmark SEO grader.

If you want your website to be successful and be viewed search engine optimization is a valuable investment. Search engine optimization and backlink reporting will help get your website seen earlier and more often in search engine results. Most people do not check past the first five pages of results, so if your website is coming up later in search results there is a chance it is not being seen.

Search engine optimization and backlink reporting are great ways to bring success to your website.

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