Need More Room in Your Closet? Why Not Check These Organization Tips Out?

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Need some ideas for closet organization, but not sure what to do? Trust me. I was just there. Having moved back in with my parents after graduating college has posed some serious space issues for me. I mean, where do I store all of my apartment stuff, my office supplies and all my new clothes when I have all my old High School stuff in storage?

Well, here are my three best organization tips for closets.

1. Clean it out. This is, honestly, the best of my organization tips for closets. Chances are you are never going to wear it again. I know you want to save it “just in case” but chances are it will not even fit right anymore. Plus, it smells from being in the closet so long. Trust me. Just get rid of it. The whole experience is actually pretty cathartic, and you will feel much better in addition to having more room in your closet.

2. Stack hangers. First, put your shirt, jacket, or pants on the hangers, then hang them in your closet. Then, once full, take the rest of your hung clothing, and hang them from the other hangers already in the closet. It might be a little tricky, but this will be sure to save you space when it comes to winter coats and things.

3. Buy closet storage systems. Buying closet shelving systems might seem like admitting defeat, especially if you want to save money, but it is definitely worth investing if you want to save all of your clothes.

Those are all of my organization tips for closets. If any readers have more organization tips for closets, please share them in the comments. Used one of these tips? Please share what you thought of my organization tips for closets, and if it worked. Hope you guys get everything in order! Learn more about this topic here.

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