When You Want Your Water Filtered, Look to Pentek to Filter it for You

Pentek water filter cartridges

Unfiltered water should have a new name. Unfiltered death. There are some companies out there that can install water filtration systems in your home, however. Products such as the Pentek dgd 5005 filter will do the trick nicely for making sure the water that you drink, cook with, bath yourself and your children in, and water the vegetables with, is the purest that it can be. Pentek water filter cartridges utilize a carbon solution in order to filter the water down to the finest particles. Other Pentek filtration options are granular, radial flow, and membrane technologies.

Why bother with Pentek water filter cartridges? Why should I be so scared of my water? As much as we want city water to be pure and potable, a lot of the times it is not. There is only so much a large, municipal water supply can do. And if you get water from a well on your property, there is no filtration at all. This could have any number of contaminants. Lead can impair both mental and physical development in children, not to mention how it affects an unborn child. And lead poisoning causes high blood pressure and hearing damage in adults. Another common contaminant is asbestos. It is found more frequently than we would like because it was used to strengthen the concrete used for water pipes, back before we knew about the whole deadly thing. Whoops. As these pipes have most likely not been replaced, asbestos can be found in drinking water all across the United States, and can cause several types of cancer, including colon cancer and mesothelioma.

So what can Pentek water filter cartridges do for me? Well, these water systems are installed as point of entry units. Meaning they go in to filter water right from the source. With the one filter taking care of the water that goes anywhere in the home, it makes things easier than needing to worry about filtration for every single water source in the house. This filtration unit will reduce yucky things like chemicals, turbidity, minerals, particulates, and even cysts (gross!). This ensures the water is as absolutely clean and fresh as possible when it comes out of the tap. Once the water is filtered and all of the contaminants and suspended solids are taken out, drinking water is safe and tasty, and appliances that rely on water (hot water heater, fridge, washing machine and dish washer) will have a longer, happier life with no mineral build up or chemical degradation.

Through such mysterious process as sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis, and virus and bacterial reduction systems, Pentek water filter cartridges are the way to protect both home and family from the dangers of unfiltered water. More like this.

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