Urgent Care Units are Great Emergency Room Alternatives

Urgent care oceanside

An Oceanside urgent care is designed to treat non life threatening injuries and illnesses in order to ease the burden on emergency rooms. These urgent care facilities can be great emergency room alternatives when it comes to things such as, burns, cuts, respiratory illnesses and minor sprains and fractures. If any of these things happens to you then you can go to your local urgent care as emergency room alternatives and get the care you need.

Emergency room alternatives or urgent cares provide rapid attention to those conditions that are not considered serious enough to go to the emergency room. A 24 hr urgent care can help with the treatment and evaluation of acutely rising conditions on a wide variety of patients. They are also starting to provide services such as, routine physicals, xrays and lab services.

These emergency room alternatives also save on cost for both the patient and the insurance companies. It cost on the average about $1500 for an emergency room visit compared to about $150 for treatment at an Oceanside ca urgent care. That savings in cost for care at an emergency room alternative can be passed on to patients and can be used towards new equipment and new treatment research as an example.

The best way to find an urgent care is to either ask around or go online and do a little research for one. Most of these urgent cares or emergency room alternatives are affiliated with primary care physicians and even your own doctor may recommend one to you in case of an emergency. A lot of these facilities are open after hours and even in some cases 24 hours to meet patient needs. This allows for quick and safe medical care anytime you need it.

Because of both the convenience and the cost savings these emergency room alternatives are being established all over the place and are helping lots of patients.
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