Go on the Most Exciting Guided Elk Hunts

Trophy mule deer huntings

Most of those people who would be interested in elk guided hunts will know that the elk is not only one of the largest land mammals in Eastern Asia and North America, but one of the largest specials of deer in the whole world. In certain parts of Asia, the velvet from elk antlers are used in traditional medicines. Those that have longed to go on elk guided hunts during their hunting vacations will no doubt love the adventure that they will be given.

At one of the best elk hunting ranches, there will be other kinds of big game hunts that a hunting enthusiast will be able to partake in. Some people may want to hunt black bears. The Ursus americanus, or North American Black Bear is actually a medium sized bear. It is the smallest and most common species of bear in North America. Hunters that are looking forward to bear and elk guided hunts should know that blear bears go into their den to hibernate in the fall, either in October or November. Before this happens, they gain approximately 30 lbs of fat to get them through the hibernation, which can last between three to five months.

In between these bear and elk guided hunts, some people may want to relax and fish for steelhead trout. Like salmon, steelhead trout are anadromous, which means that they must go back to their birthplace in order to spawn.

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