Moving Pods Save You a Bundle


There are certain tax deductions available for people who move more than 50 miles away from where they used to live. Of course, anyone that is moving that far away will want to use a long distance mover. Take someone who is in the military for example. Military members make long distance moves all the time. They learn really fast how to make the best military move. One of the bet tips you can get from military members is to make use of the moving pods that are available now.

College graduates are another class of people who make long distance moves. Once they get out of school they may find their jobs require them to move a long ways away from home. College graduates tend to move farther away from where they grew up than kids who just have a high school diploma. There is a Pew Research Center report that shows that about one third or a little more, of all Americans have never moved away from where they grew up.

Anyway, if you are going to be moving soon there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, always make sure the moving service you use has liability coverage for your items. You never know when an accident can happen and you could lose all of your belongings if the moving service does not have enough insurance coverage. Some people go ahead and buy extra insurance just in case. You might want to do that too if you have valuable items you are taking with you when you move. If you are not taking everything you own because you expect your move to be short lived, ask about pods storage to keep your things in until you return.

Pods moving companies usually also offer full moving services, which may are expensive. If you are going to use a full service mover though, you can save money if you schedule a mid week move or if you can move the date that you need their services to better accommodate the moving company’s schedule. Using moving pods is still the best way to go though if you want to really save money on your next move. Moving pods have become the most popular way for Americans to move. You can move at your own pace and save money while doing it. Find out more about moving pods by contacting a local moving and storage company today.

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