Medical Communications and the Need for HIPAA Compliance

Data virtualization vendors

One of the most important things doctors have to take into consideration in their medical practice is to have a secure message service. A secure message service uses certain web tools for Health 2.0 in regards to keeping digital medical records, telemedicine and healthcare mobile apps. HIPAA compliant messaging is critical and a secure messaging service is an essential service for anyone that works in the medical industry today. Although some doctors resist going over to the use digital health records in their medical practices, President Obama signed the Hitech Act in 2009 that provides $27 billion dollars in incentives to switch over to electronic medical record keeping. Database virtualization is now in progress.

Doctors and health care workers may use their own mobile devices to communicate with one another. However, they need HIPAA compliant text messaging and secure texting applications on BYODS. A secure messaging service is a good thing to have to make sure sharing patient information online is in line with the HIPAA laws. President Clinton signed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act into law in 1966. Besides a secure messaging service, other HIPAA needs for archiving conversations and emergency access needs and security need to be taken into consideration.

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