Diagnosing Medical Conditions Using Radiography

Xray accessories

When they first started using xray machines to do diagnostic testing, the dangers of radiation were not known. Doctors who study xrays that make a diagnosis from the photos they see are called radiologists. Radiology involves studying the human body through xray images taken by the radiologists. When they first started doing xrays the radiographs were called rosentenograms. Now they are just called xrays.

Today we have a new medical technology called PACS, or picture archiving communication system. The PACS gives doctors easy access to images used for diagnostic purposes. You could say that PACS falls under the heading of x ray accessories.

Other x ray accessories include lead aprons, lead glasses, PACS monitors and the PACS computers. X ray technicians that work in dental offices and medical clinics need to use x ray accessories that help ensure their safety too. Radiation protection products are in high demand. In fact, if it were not for x ray accessories that protect radiologist, we would all not have the advantage of using x ray images as a viable diagnostic tool today. Find out more information by reading about products sold for use as x ray accessories online.

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