Tradeshow Preparation Necessities

Hop up displays

There are over nine thousand trade shows in the United States each and every year, a sprawling testament to commerce with competing fabric displays and trade show display cases each vying to catch the eye. A trade show can be a chaotic environment, but a little preparation can give your business or product a distinct competitive edge. 80 percent of trade show exhibitors do either barely any preshow marketing or no preshow marketing at all. Furthermore, 86 percent of exhibitors fail to train their exhibit staffers on how to successfully work a trade show. Obviously, proper preparation should involve more than just making sure the fabric displays are clean and visible. Putting in some legwork and marketing can make a better first impression on attendees.

First of all, the typical national trade show will have about ten thousand attendees dividing their attention between roughly one thousand exhibitors and their fabric displays. As a result, an individual exhibitor can expect about two hundred visitors per day. These numbers should of course be adjusted based on the size and expected attendance of the individual trade show, but they provide a good baseline nonetheless. The exhibitor’s literature rack, then, should hold upwards of two hundred handouts or pamphlets or run the risk of running out. If the exhibit is fortunate enough to be experiencing high volume, additional exhibit staffers can keep attendees engaged and impressed. They can also assist in setting up fabric displays and act as a safeguard in case some one needs to go on a supply run for additional marketing material.

Choosing what sort of display to use depends on the situation. Fabric displays are versatile, and fabric displays come in a wide variety of styles. If space is limited or cost is a concern, fabric displays can be augmented or replaced with a mini table display or even simple table throws. If time is of particular concern, hop up displays displays are a good option. Attached to a spring loaded roller, these displays are very quick to assemble. Just pull up the graphic when it is time for display, and fold it away for storage.

Finally, when the show draws to a close and you prepare to roll up the fabric displays and move on, remember to ask some attendees what they thought of the exhibit. Almost 90 percent of exhibitors have no way of measuring their performance after a show. Good references here:

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