How Every IRS Lawyer Helps Clients And The IRS Collaboratively

Tax lawyer irs

Forty three states and various U.S. localities impose income taxes on individuals. Of those individuals, plenty are hit with tax levies, which under federal law are administrative actions taken by the IRS to seize individuals’ properties to help pay for the taxes they owe. According to nearly every tax lawyer irs does not have to go to court to secure these levies, which date back to 1791, but it does have to inform these individuals well in advance of any action taken via a letter. This gives individuals a chance to state their case and ideally solve the problem before a levy comes into play.

An IRS lawyer fits into the equation by representing these individuals to resolve these issues before they get worse. The job of any IRS lawyer is to represent clients and to help develop these solutions or go through with negotiations to make what clients owe less or more manageable in terms of a payment schedule. Most Irs lawyers are fully capable of coming up with these schedules and of satisfying both the IRS and clients. This is the job that nearly every Irs debt tax lawyer takes on, and in most instances success is achieved on both ends by the IRS lawyer. An IRS tax lawyer has been in existence virtually ever since the U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1787 when the government could collect and set taxes, even though some states were taxed less because of their smaller population.

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