Vacation Homes Versus Hotels

Hatteras island rentals

North Carolina’s Outer Banks are a skinny strip of barrier islands that stretch for 130 miles along the Atlantic coast. Over 1,000 ships have sunk in the waters of the Outer Banks since records were first kept in 1526, giving rise to the nickname “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”

Fort Myers, Florida, which has a population of 62,298, is a gateway to the major tourist destination of South Florida. If you are interested in visiting Florida off of the beaten path, Fort Myers, Brandenton, and Naples are all relaxing vacation spots with activities for all ages.

If you are interested in visiting the Outer banks, there are tons of great options for obx vacation rentals. If you are deciding between outer banks house rentals versus a traditional hotel, There are several benefits to opting for north carolina beach house rentals versus a hotel stay.

First, obx vacation rentals are relatively cost effective, especially if you are traveling in a group. Outer banks rentals give you an entire condos worth of space rather than a single room, and if split between a group can be incredibly inexpensive.

Another benefit of obx rentals is their full kitchens! Full kitchens can save you money on some, if not all of your meals while you are vacationing, which leaves you extra money for other expenses or activities. Obx vacation rentals , as well as duck nc vacation rentals are a great option for the cost conscious traveler.

If you are deciding between traditional hotels or obx vacation rentals, rentals homes have a great list of benefits that standard hotels cannot offer, making them a great alternative option.

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