Surf The Internet Anonymously And Safely

Corporate privacy

Sometimes when internet users think they are doing some anonymous surfing, they really are not at all. When you think you are doing anonymous surfing your IP address is actually exposed which means that any site you visit can be tracked by hackers and your personal information can get stolen. All internet users would prefer IP adress privacy over not having it.

44 percent of internet users live in Asia because a large part of the population of the world lives there. By using online privacy software that majority will be able to better protect their personal information. When internet users want to hide IP addresses to ensure corporate privacy, the anonymous surfing method is always helpful.

By using brand protection security measures can be implemented that will keep the online reputation of a company secure. By using brand protection the IP address privacy of a person becomes secure which is great for when they are working at a corporation.

By using the Do Not Track mechanism that the Federal Trade Commission has called for will allow internet users to request not to be tracked while surfing online.

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