How to Convince Your Boss that an iPhone Management System is Vital

Ipad in the enterprise

Are you one of the 9 percent of iPhone users who have dropped your device into a toilet? There obviously are ways to restore your device, but just think how important the data that is on your device is. If your current efforts to speak with your employer about an effective iPhone management or Apple mobile device program have fallen on deaf ears, speak up one more time by offering up these interesting statistics to convince him that an iPhone device management system is crucial.

For one, about 33 percent of employees who use mobile devices for work purposes say that their companies’ data is unprotected, meaning there is no encryption or iPhone security measures in place. Add to that the 34 million plus iPad devices that have been sold in the U.S. since 2010 and the prediction that by 2015 about 55 percent of smart phones will be owned by employees. iPhone and iPad security and ipad management measures are increasingly vital in a world that is littered with potential hackers who are looking to get into your company’s system at any time. Your employer may not be thinking about this now, but he needs to soon or he risks losing a lot of data and perhaps suffering more financial difficulties. With a strong iPhone management program, all mobile devices that your co workers use will be protected. With an effective iPhone management system, there too could be a cloud based system where everything is scalable, convenient and secure.

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