Make Food Poisoning a Thing of the Past with QualityTraining

International standards organization

Unfortunately, even with the technology of today, food poisoning is responsible for the death of some 3,000 Americans each year. ISO 9000 training is a great way for individuals and businesses alike to make sure that any of the food they handle and distribute is properly cared for. Receiving food safety certification, like ISO 9000 training helps to do, allows a business to meet the requirements of the Global Standard for Consumer Products North America edition that the BRC and Retail Industry Leaders Association worked to develop in 2009.

Roughly 1,000 of the over 19,000 International Standards are dedicated to food and includes policies regarding agricultural machinery, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, labelling, packaging, and storage. These standards, in collaboration with ISO 9000 training and Haccp certification training, can help prevent dangerous problems like listeriosos, which is a bacterial disease that is most likely to occur in pregnant women, newborn infants, elderly patients, and individuals who are immunocompromised. On top of that, Food Safety Systems Certifications, which was developed to ensure that manufacturers who process animal products, perishable produce, products with a long shelf like, and other food ingredients like additives and vitamins have regulation, does well to keep food safe and people healthy.

There are many different Iso certification requirements, and meeting them all can be difficult. ISO 9000 training might be the best way to ensure that they Iso 9000 certification is received and keep food safe and healthy. Although the primary reason for this is to keep people healthy, being able to advertise the fact that employees have received ISO 9000 training can help increase sales by making sure that potential customers feel safe.

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