How Moose WY Real Estate Stacks Up Against its Sister Cities

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The Wyoming Taxpayers Association says that the state’s tax burden is the country’s second lowest. What does this mean for Moose Wyoming real estate, you ask? It means more people are checking out both Moose wy real estate and opportunities elsewhere, like Kelly Wyoming real estate, Moran Wyoming real estate and Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate.

How does Moose WY real estate stack up against these other cities, aside from the common insignificant tax burden? For one, the town and its neighboring towns all represent the two hottest revenue sources in Wyoming: tourism and mineral extraction. For another, the nature and beauty of the Northwest is common.

The bigger sister of sorts to Moose WY real estate opportunities, though, are in nearby Jackson, which had a population of 9,710 in 2011 and which boasted an average 12 minute travel commute for its residents. The town too is known for its Jackson hole luxury homes, two of which are occupied by people who were listed in Forbes’ 2012 list of 400 wealthiest Americans.

Moose WY real estate stacks up pretty neatly with its sister town, though of course it has its own nicer points as well. For anyone interested in checking out these opportunities, a web site visit is in order that includes a web search, and perhaps a visit to these towns would help someone make a good choice as well. Both are crucial steps toward wonderful Moose WY real estate opportunities and those elsewhere in Wyoming.
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