How a Surveillance DVR Functions as a Security Camera

Wireless security camera

While most Americans think of recording their favorite television shows when they hear the word DVR, a surveillance DVR actually is a type of camera for security purposes that functions over several channels. A surveillance DVR can come in a few different forms, including the 8 channel DVR and the 16 channel dvr, with a DVR card that holds memory for everything and a full scale DVR system that holds it all together and monitors an entire property. No security camera system works quite like the surveillance DVR, with its ability to capture images and store them accordingly while simultaneously allowing a security guard or security company to monitor activity around the clock.

Today, surveillance cameras with video capabilities are used to look at a particular area and either are connected to a device for recording purposes, like a DVR, or are connected to an IP network through which images are broadcast. With a surveillance DVR, a security guard or officer could continually monitor a property and could even play back footage if there was a call made or if there was suspicious activity occurring. With a surveillance DVR, crooks often are caught easier because they are literally caught on camera, which is recorded for all to see.

A surveillance DVR could be a closed circuit television that either is a video camera or still camera. With a video camera, the surveillance dvr would continually record the directed property. With a still camera, it would take pictures every couple of seconds and then save those images accordingly. Going even deeper, an infrared camera, or thermographic camera, can create an image utilizing infrared radiation and nothing else. The innovations that have occurred in the industry have continued to impress even the most savvy of camera operators and surveillance experts, with many snatching up these systems to secure their homes and their commercial properties knowing that even the mere appearance of a camera could scare a potential thief away.

These camera systems have come quite a long way since Marie Van Brittan Brown and her husband, Albert, were given a patent in 1969 for the world’s first home security system. Her system, which consisted of four individual holes for peeping, a camera that would glide among those four peep holes and a monitor to display the images from the camera, was basic at best but started a trend that has continually reinvented itself.

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