Great Places To Visit At Dallas Tour

A city of fine distinction and texture, Dallas offers everything from an urban experience to tours of farms and historic buildings for visitors interested in getting acquainted with Texas traditions. Here the history lovers can see the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and make up their own minds about the lone gunman theory. Dallas tours by bus provide a suitable way to get acquainted with Dallas and marvel at its rich history and culture, dramatic architecture and commercial amenities.

On your Dallas tour begin your downtown Dallas experience at Union Station, a grand 1916 landmark served today by Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Trinity Railway Express. Immediately behind you to the west is Reunion Tower, where glass-walled elevators will take you to the top for an extraordinary view of the city and surrounding areas and will make your Dallas tour more exciting.

When you plan Dallas tours don’t forget to visit the eighteen-story building across Record Street from Ferris Plaza called the Belo building. The A. H. Belo Corporation owns WFAA television station and the Dallas Morning News. Both beautiful buildings are located across Young Street.

After intersection at Young and Record and walking behind the Belo building you cross Market Street. There you will come to see Lubben Plaza, which provides a place to rest in relative quiet. In the park you will find three giant sculptures which are the focal points of the park.

As you leave Lubben Plaza on your Dallas tour you will notice parking lots on both your left and right. The outstanding building beyond the parking lot on the right is the Dallas Convention Center. The building covers over two million square feet and stretches all the way back to the railroad tracks leaving Union Station. Dallas Convention Center is great attraction for your Dallas tour. Another great rather spiffy brown building with the white trim is known as Founders Square. It was built in 1914 and expanded in 1917 and 1923. Founders Square was originally a warehouse and today it is used as an office building.

Your next visiting point at Dallas tour should be a Journey to Sirius. This was created by George Smith in 1992, who was inspired by the art of the Dogon people of Mali. You will find two large steel structures standing in a bed of black rock which represent the cliff faces where the Dogon produce their art. Some other great places to visit at Dallas tour are Gateway Stele and Harrow. Gateway stele was created by Jesus Bautista Moroles in 1994 and provides an interesting interpretation of ancient stele. While Harrow was created by Linnea Glatt in 1992 this is actually moving, though very slowly.

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