PPI Refund Claims

Ppi reclaims

Can you claim a PPI refund? The answer of course is that depends. You see you can only claim a PPI refund of premium payments if you were mis sold the policy in the first place. If you were pressured into buying PPI you can also claim a PPI refund. There are a few other instances where someone can get a refund too. For example, if you were not eligible and not told you were not eligible. People who were retired, unemployed, self employed or were already covered at the time they bought the PPI policy are not eligible. They could never expect to get paid benefits so they should never have bought PPI.

Then official expectation of payments for Ppi refunds is about £8 billion. Countless numbers of people are due a PPI refund. If you think you are one of them now is the time to file for a PPI refund. The first step to take is to establish the fact that you purchased a PPI policy. Some people don’t even know they have such an insurance policy so it is important to over all of your financial statements to see if you have been making PPI premium payments. You will need to show proof to the lender. Even though lenders have been ordered to contact borrowers when they are due a PPI refund, some cases may be overlooked.

It is very easy for people who have been mis sold PPI to get a PPI refund. However, you do have to take the necessary steps to apply for it. People who have applied have been getting back thousands of dollars in some cases. People who were told they could not get a loan or a credit card unless they bought PPI policies are entitled to a PPI refund. If you had to pay the whole cost of the insurance upfront, you are entitled to a PPI refund as well. A financial Ombudsman Service can help you file for a PPI refund if you are not sure how to go about it yourself. It is really a simple matter of contacting your bank or lender about it. However, some people get ignored unless they use a Financial Ombudsman service.

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