My Love Quotes…Inspired By The Classics

Love is something that all people aspire to experience at some point in their lives, but
not everyone is fortunate enough to experience it first hand. When putting together this
collection of my love quotes, I have therefore given equal attention to addressing to
people who have had less than positive experiences with love, as well as those for whom loves seems like second nature. The interesting to note is that we all find ourselves on both sides of the fence at one point, so there should be something in my love quotes that will pull on your heartstrings, no matter which side you are currently in.

Now this collection of my love quotes isn’t wildly original, but then again, so few
actually are. As unique as we feel our experiences with love are, someone, somewhere, has probably felt close to the same emotions, and has expressed it far better than my love quotes ever could. It would be helpful therefore to consider my love quotes as inspired by timeless bits of wisdom regarding the glorious wonders of love, as opposed to sentiments that stand as unique on their own.

That being said, here then are a few of my love quotes, as inspired by those who lived
and loved before me.

“Love is stronger than hunger”
Inspired by Mother Teresa, this is one of my love quotes that really get right to the heart
of the matter. It is said that the hunger for food is a lot easier to address than the hunger for love, and it is a sentiment that many are sure to relate to.

“Love can’t be explained by physical forces”
This love quote is drawn from someone who would seem like an unlikely source: Albert
Einstein. The legendary physicist’s actual quote was that “gravitation is not responsible
for people falling in love”. This is as good a way as any to describe the mystery of love,
which often isn’t dependent on physical forces at all.

“Love is its own master”
This is another one of my love quotes that many will surely agree with. As you have
probably experienced first hand, love seeks mainly to fulfill its own desires, and it is not
experienced in order to satisfy some other human need. And as many have realized for
themselves already, love so often forges its own path, with no consideration for any other circumstances.

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